Nevada State Board of Education discusses possible later start time for high school students

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – School start times for Clark County high school students were discussed Thursday with the Nevada Board of Education.

School starts at 7:20 am for students and some parents say it is too early. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, 8:30 am is the best time for middle and high school students to give the right amount of sleep needed.

California was the first state to implement later school start times but other states like Alaska, New York, New Jersey and Tennessee have proposed similar legislation.

Advocates for a later start say academic performance improves along with better health for kids getting enough sleep.

On the other hand, educators who are opposed to the later start time mention the counterproductive domino effect of students sleeping later if they start later.

The majority of the board was in favor of the time change.

Tim Hughes, a board member, weighed in on both ends saying, β€œI’m not sure if mandating certain times makes sense but are there ways to incentivize the system? You should have multiple options, parents can’t afford transportation.”

During the meeting, members spoke about the possible need for more bus drivers and teachers if the time change was to happen.

Vice President of the board Mark Newburn said the change of time could be a good idea. β€œIn my personal testimony as I have calculus at 7 am at Rancho High School and it was not a good experience. I got out of this discussion because this is coming up multiple times in the legislature any education system knows we can’t change it because they have different features and an opportunity to innovate. 130 parents need their children to be later what kind of choices we can give to the family.”